Highway Musical-海巍乐器集团是一家中国乐器行业领先的品牌代理分销公司,公司总部设在北京,在中国3个主要城市和保税区设有业务部门和仓库,由熟谙当地的客户经理及专家为品牌提供战略定位咨询。经销商包含超过550家遍及全国各城市的乐器行业领军企业。

Highway Musical Group

A leading brand distribution company in China's musical instrument industry. Headquarter office in Beijing, company set business departments and warehouses in three major Chinese cities and bonded areas. The strategic positioning consulting is provided by account managers and experts who are familiar with local area.The dealers include more than 550 leading companies in the musical instrument industry in each city throughout the country.




Highway Musical Beijing

Beijing Highway Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. established in 2008, committed to bring the best global musical instrument brand and brand strategic positioning practice to China, assist the brand positioning to lead the strategic promotion, and achieve more efficient operation, become the top model of the industry.Over the years as a strategic consultant, Beijing Highway Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. escorted the development of musical instrument enterprises in each city and helped dealers to become excellent leading enterprises in their cities for a long time.




Highway Musical Tianjin

Tianjin Highway Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.established in 2001, committed to use modular standardized mode to handle the international brand introduction,include the contract, purchasing, international logistics, customs clearance, warehousing, domestic logistics and other related data.For many years, the bar code database management, the constant temperature&humidity standardized and low dust storage in Tianjin Highway Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. have been used to escort the musical instrument products during storage and logistics.



Highway Musical Guangzhou

Guangzhou Highway Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd. Established in 2012, committed to supply perfect pre-sales and after-sales service for dealers in southern China. Over the years time with precise positioning as the guidance, systematic planning of enterprise strategy with efficient operation and high speed development, we have successfully covered many southern provinces and cities.

Brand strategic positioning of Chinese leader